The Wealth Integration SolutionTM

Our Wealth Integration Solution™ begins by helping you define and clarify your family's unique goals in order to determine what really matters to you and the legacy you want to leave.

We assist you in integrating all important components of your wealth. The goal: to help you set and achieve your goals and ambitions while eliminating confusion and contradictions in your planning.

Chances are you already have advisors that you like and trust: a personal attorney, corporate attorney, CPA, insurance agent, banker, broker and others. But do these advisors regularly communicate and coordinate their efforts? If the services of trusted advisors aren't well integrated, gaps and overlaps in planning are likely, resulting in unnecessary taxes and planning that does not achieve desired goals.

Wellspring Associates works with your current advisors to help them do their jobs even better, more efficiently, more strategically, and with fewer gaps. In fact, many attorneys and CPAs refer their clients to us because our process and financial modeling helps them better serve their clients, often finding additional opportunities for achieving the client's goals.

The Wealth Integration ProcessTM

Guided by your Unique Wealth Philosophy™, we coordinate with your advisors to fully integrate your planning. We then continue to review, monitor, and revise your plan on a regular basis.

Phase 1 - Discovery

What are your goals? What are your values? What really matters to you? Where do you stand financially? Where do you want to go? Through the Discovery process, you will develop a Unique Wealth Philosophy™ that will help guide every aspect of your Wealth Integration plan.

Phase 2 - Analysis

A clear picture of your current situation is necessary to make the best possible decisions. Your Wealth Integration professional will give you a detailed outline of your current financial realities while suggesting solutions to potential problems and pointing out untapped opportunities.

Phase 3 - Implementation

Based on your input, your Wealth Integration professional will prioritize the steps of your planning and coordinate with each of your trusted advisors to put it into action. The end result: a fully-integrated and comprehensive plan.

Phase 4 - Maintenance

Life is full of changes, which is why our Wealth Integration plans are dynamic. Your Wealth Integration professional will assist with keeping your completed plan current through scheduled reviews to monitor performance. This helps ensure that your plan remains truly cutting-edge as you and your family navigate and grow through life’s changes.

Life Insurance

Wealth preservation and transfer planning utilize numerous tools and techniques. Of these, life insurance can be one of the more effective but also one of the less understood techniques.

From a life insurance advisory perspective, we are unique, viewing it only as one of many tools. We begin with the exploration and analysis of all appropriate valuation and wealth transfer techniques in order to minimize the need for insurance. Once it is determined that life insurance may be appropriate, we provide education and clarity to demystify the “black box” of insurance that often frustrates both families and advisors alike. We provide the same depth of due diligence that sophisticated families and advisors demand of other investments or planning techniques and provide a proactive process for ongoing management.

Wellspring Associates is supported by a planning department that provides financial analysis and, when applicable, a team of underwriting specialists that works closely with the insurance companies to secure the very best underwriting offers. All are further supported by Client Executives and executive assistants who assist in implementating the planning as well as providing ongoing maintenance and review.